Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mexico and the Failed State Revisited

Via STRATFOR (Geopolitical Intel Report) -

STRATFOR argued March 13, 2008, that Mexico was nearing the status of a failed state. A failed state is one in which the central government has lost control over significant areas of the country and the state is unable to function. In revisiting this issue, it seems to us that the Mexican government has lost control of the northern tier of Mexico to drug-smuggling organizations, which have significantly greater power in that region than government forces. Moreover, the ability of the central government to assert its will against these organizations has weakened to the point that decisions made by the state against the cartels are not being implemented or are being implemented in a way that would guarantee failure.

Despite these facts, it is not clear to STRATFOR that Mexico is becoming a failed state. Instead, it appears the Mexican state has accommodated itself to the situation. Rather than failing, it has developed strategies designed both to ride out the storm and to maximize the benefits of that storm for Mexico.


Another great geopolitical article from STRATFOR. It outlines the core problems and the rarely discussed positive effects of the illegal drug on Mexico.

The reality is, these issues problems aren't easy....and many many factors pull and push the players...resulting in a complex geopolitical situation - which is basically true for any problem, solution or events in the world.

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