Monday, May 3, 2010 - Security Community Errata

Whether it is $39.99 anti-virus software, or $500/hr specialty penetration testing, you are paying a price for a piece of security. The security companies that offer these solutions insist that security is important for you as a person and critical to your business. So important in fact, that they expect you will pay ridiculous prices for solutions that aren't as complete or helpful as they seem. One of the cornerstones and components of 'security' is integrity; "1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty". When security providers have a breakdown in their own integrity, you should be aware of it. When the company taking your money in return for security products and services fails to maintain a certain level of integrity, you should challenge them on why they think they are qualified to sell security offerings.

This page exists to enlighten readers about errors, omissions, incidents, lies and charlatans in the security industry. With the media running rampant and insufficient checks and balances for their reporting in place, the general population has been misled about everything from hackers to viruses to 'cyberwar' to privacy. In recent years, companies peddling security products and services have taken a turn for the worse, casting aside ethics in favor of lies and profit. Over the years, many companies and people have developed a taste for money and fame when it isn't deserved. These frauds and charlatans survive on being in front of cameras and news articles, constantly peddling their ideas and solutions, when they typically have no merit.

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