Monday, May 3, 2010

Indian Court Convicts Pakistani in Mumbai Attack of 2008

Via (AP) -

An Indian court on Monday convicted the only surviving gunman in the bloody 2008 Mumbai siege, ruling Mohammed Ajmal Kasab was guilty of murder and waging war for his role in the attacks that left 166 people dead and deeply shook India. Two Indians accused of helping plot the violence were acquitted.

The verdict also implicated Pakistanis still at large in the attacks, which is likely to complicate recent attempts by Islamabad and New Delhi to rekindle formal peace talks. Calls for swift retribution rang out from the streets of Mumbai, while in Pakistan doubts swirled about India's intentions and the fairness of the trial.

The November siege reverberated across India. Millions watched on television as the violence stretched over three days, leaving corpses scattered through some of the city's best-known places.

The judge said Kasab, 22, had personally killed seven men and, with his partner — who was killed by security forces during the attacks — had a hand in 47 more deaths.


Kasab was convicted on nearly all the 86 charges against him, including murder and waging war against India. The handful of acquittals were on technicalities or for relatively minor charges, such as forging an identification card.

A sentencing hearing was scheduled for Tuesday. Kasab faces a possible death sentence.

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