Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Defcon 18: Dark Tangent's Tamper Evident Contest

How to play:
  • Read this post and decide if you want to play or help run the contest
  • Register in the forum thread for sign ups if you want to play.
  • Show up to DEF CON 18 with all your gear and tools to attack!
  • Grab the package.
  • Win!
I have always been interested in the concept of tamper evident and tamper proof packaging and seals. For the past couple of years I have wanted to encourage people to explore, like with lock picking, just how secure various technologies and products are.


There are various tamper evident technologies out there, including tape, seals, locks, tags, and bags, to name a few. This contest will test your ability to perform "defeats" (Described below) against a range of inexpensive commercial low to medium security products. I will list the exact products I am buying so you can go buy them as well to practice in advance if you want to.


A component of the contest will require documentation of how you did your break, pictures or video, so the knowledge can be spread and others can learn what does and does not work. In the end we can all make better informed decisions about what we can or can't trust!


When you get to con you will be given a package. This package will have tamper evident seals on it. Some of these products claim to be "Impossible to reseal or reuse". Your goal is to prove them wrong and document your work every step of the way. Open the box and tamper with its contents. Inside you will find two chains. One of the chains is just a plain chain, the other chain will have some tamper evident tags and such on it. You will have until noon on Sunday of con to move as many of these seals and tags from one chain to the other without your tampering being detected. Oh, and open the box and deal with anything else you may find in there.

There should only be about five or six tags this first year, I will edit this post and exactly describe what they are and where you can buy them in advance. I will also have some spares at the con that you can practice against.

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