Saturday, June 5, 2010

Information Warfare Theory: China's Information Warfare Plans?

Via The Washington Times (Inside the Ring) -

U.S. intelligence agencies have obtained a Chinese military book that will provide new insights into the Chinese military's information-warfare plans.

The book is being translated, but Inside the Ring obtained its table of contents, which reveals Beijing's priorities for high-technology warfare using computers and electronic-warfare weapons.

The 322-page book, "Information Warfare Theory," was published in May 2007 and written by Wang Zhengde, president of the People's Liberation Army Information Engineering University.

Like other military and Communist Party writings, such books are not often made public, and when they are, they provide U.S. intelligence and military specialist with valuable clues to the military thinking and plans of China's secretive military.


The Ring expects to report more details about the book in coming weeks.


Hat-tip to the Small War Journal.

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