Monday, July 12, 2010

Secunia 1H2010 Report: Apple Ranks First in Surging Security Bug Count

Via The Register UK -

The number of vulnerabilities in the first half of 2010 was close to the number recorded in the whole of 2009, security notification firm Secunia reports.

Apple ranks first, ahead of runner-up Oracle, and Microsoft in the number of security bugs found in all their products in 1H 2010. During the first six months of 2010, Secunia logged 380 vulnerabilities within the top-50 most prevalent packages on typical end-user PCs, or 89 per cent of the figure for the entire year of 2009.


In the end, Secunia is continuing to ring the bell on the need for better patching and vulnerability management, by all involved parties (software makers, home users & enterprise software customers).

Secunia Half Year Report 2010

"Further, the report shows an alarming development in 3rd party program vulnerabilities, representing an increasing threat to both users and business, which, however, continues to be greatly ignored. This trend is supported by the fact that users and businesses still perceive the operating system and Microsoft products to be the primary attack vector, largely ignoring 3rd party programs, and finding the actions to secure these too complex and time-consuming. Ultimately this leads to incomplete patch levels of the 3rd party programs, representing rewarding and effective targets for criminals."
As far as the Apple rating first in bug count, I think this is yet more proof that Apple isn't "Highly Secure by Design", but "More Safe by Limited Global Percentage".

Safe != Secure

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