Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anti-virus Products Struggle Against Exploits

Via KrebsOnSecurity.com -

Most anti-virus products designed for use in businesses do a poor job of detecting the exploits that hacked and malicious Web sites use to foist malware, a new report concludes.

Independent testing firm NSS Labs looked at the performance of 10 commercial anti-virus products to see how well they detected 123 client-side exploits, those typically used to attack vulnerabilities in Web browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as common desktop applications, such as Adobe Flash, Reader, and Apple QuickTime.


Among all ten products, NSS found that the average detection rate against original exploits was 76 percent, and that only three out of ten products stopped all of the original exploits. The average detection against exploits variants was even lower at 58 percent, NSS found.


Wismer said the study highlights an area where many products have room for improvement, and that having more anti-virus products blocking the exploitation stage would be a very advantageous improvement. But he said the report itself doesn’t provide a full picture of the performance of these products.

“It just doesn’t tell the customer whether or not they’d actually be protected in the real world,” Wismer [an AV industry watcher and blogger] wrote in an e-mail to KrebsOnSecurity.com. “The more links in the chain of events leading to compromise that can be used to a defenders advantage. a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link and so only one stage of a multi-stage attack needs to be blocked in order for the final intended outcome to be thwarted. A test that doesn’t include all the stages therefore necessarily omits information that could be important in determining which products provide the best assistance at protection.”

Interestingly, a series of reports released earlier this month by anti-virus testing lab AV-Test comes to similar conclusions as the NSS report about the exploit-blocking abilities of the major anti-virus products. According to AV-Test, the industry average in protecting against exploits (both known and unknown) was 75 percent.

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