Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MOAUB – 30 Days of 0days, Binary Analysis and PoCs


The Abysssec Security Team is about to unleash its Month Of Abysssec Undisclosed Bugs on us. Starting on the 1st of September, Abysssec will release a collection of 0days, web application vulnerabilities, and detailed binary analysis (and pocs) for recently released advisories by vendors such as Microsoft, Mozilla, Sun, Apple, Adobe, HP, Novel, etc. The 0day collection includes PoCs and Exploits for Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer, Microsoft codecs, Cpanel and others. The MOAUB will be hosted on the Exploit Database, and will be updated on a daily basis. Get your hard-hats on, your VM’s and debugging tools organized – it’s gonna be a an intensive ride. Follow both the exploit-db and Abysssec twitter feed to keep updated!

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