Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Patch Tuesday - Microsoft & Adobe Flash

Adobe: Security Update Available for Adobe Flash Player (v10.1.82.76)

Looking at six (or more) memory corruption remote code execution vulnerabilities and one click-jacking vulnerability. So patch already.

For me, the easiest way to ensure you have the latest version of Flash [on Windows] is just uninstall it from the "Add/Remove" panel and then re-install. Remember, if you use Flash in Mozilla or Opera, you will have two versions on the PC. An ActiveX version for Internet Explorer and a plug-in version for Mozilla or Opera. Uninstall both and then re-install for both browsers.

After you have installed the new version, double check by browsing to the Adobe Flash Version Test website and ensure is listed your player version.


Microsoft: August 2010 Security Bulletin Release

Microsoft:Assessing the Risk of the August Security Updates

Symantec: Microsoft Patch Tuesday - August 2010


Patch'em if you got'em.

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