Saturday, August 7, 2010

Questions and Answers on the Jailbreakme Vulnerability

Q: What is this all about?
A: It's about a site called that enables you to Jailbreak your iPhones and iPads just by visiting the site.


Q: But I thought only jailbroken iPhones were at risk!
A: You're confused. All iOS devices, including plain vanilla iPhones, are at risk.


Q: Does the PDF vulnerability affect Adobe PDF Reader?
A: No. Adobe PDF Reader on Windows and other platforms is not affected by this vulnerability.

Q: Is the PDF reader on my iPhone made by Adobe?
A: No, it's made by Apple. And there is no separate Reader application, PDF support is built in to the OS.


Q: So there's no risk?
A: There's no risk, at the moment. The potential for risk, however, is big.

Q: What's your best guess, when will we see an iPhone worm spreading via this vulnerability?
A: Within a week or so.


Q: How could such a worm replicate further?
A: It could replicate further from your phone by sending itself as a text message to all people listed in your phone book. For example.

Q: What could such a worm do on my phone?
A: Anything. It could do anything you can do on your phone, and more. So it could destroy or steal all of your data. Track your location. Spam your friends. Listen to your phone calls. Dial the presidents of every country in the world. Anything. And you would pay for all the charges it would create, too.

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