Friday, August 6, 2010

US State Department: Iran Supports Taliban, Iraqi Militants

Via The Long War Journal -

The State Department released its Country Reports on Terrorism for 2009 on Thursday. The analysis, which details terrorist events in the previous calendar year, was supposed to be provided to Congress by April 30. But this year the report was not published until August.

As expected, Iran “remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism” in 2009. In particular, Tehran continues to sponsor terrorists who kill American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the State Department, Iran trains and arms the Taliban, does the same for Iraqi militants targeting US forces, and provides safe haven for al Qaeda members. The State Department does not use the term 'safe haven' to describe Iran's sheltering of al Qaeda leaders and members, however.

Much of the State Department’s reporting on Iran remained unchanged from the year before -- with one noteworthy difference. Only in its reporting on the relationship between the Iranian regime and al Qaeda did this year’s report differ substantively from last year’s analysis.


The bottom line is that Iran is still supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan and militants in Iraq in their attacks on civilians and US-led forces.

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