Thursday, October 21, 2010

FBI Warns Businesses About Bank Fraud Scams

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The FBI is warning businesses about the rash of scams that attack crews are using to target their bank accounts and drain them. The scams themselves are nothing new, but the FBI says that they're becoming more prevalent and sophisticated as the attackers adjust their tactics.

The warning from the FBI is somewhat unusual in that it's rather specific and detailed in its description of the tactics the attackers are using to get access to the companies' accounts and the ways in which they're planting malware on their machines. The advisory, which was written with the help of some banking industry trade groups, warns companies about common tactics such as spear phishing and targeted drive-by downloads that install various pieces of malware on vulnerable machines.


The FBI's advice to business owners are simple, common-sense methods for preventing the infections and identifying financial fraud as quickly as possible:
  • Ignore attachments from unknown sources
  • Be aware of rogue AV and fake security software scams
  • Teach employees basic security practices
  • Keep a close watch on all accounts and keep detailed records on anything that looks odd
The advisory points out that attackers change their tactics often and that businesses need to remain aware of new developments.


While none of this is "new" to those of us in security, it is important that we educate and get the word out to those that are not, especially those in SMBs.

If you run a small / medium business or you know someone that does...this is information that you / they need.

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