Sunday, October 31, 2010 - Much Respect

The following message was posted on yesterday.... was started in September 2002 because I enjoyed keeping up to date on the latest security news, vulnerabilities, novel attack vectors and I started publishing interesting links I came across on the site. Since then however after around 8 years of daily updates my interest in computer security has been slowly fading, and updating the site has changed from being a hobby to more of a task I just do out of habit.

Regular daily updates are therefore now on hold, possibly indefinitely.

Thank you for your support, links, and readership over the past 8 years.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ is one of websites that regularly watch for new security topics. I visited the site very often and would like to thank them for all their work over the years, to keep us all in the loop.


  1. Are there any replacements?
    ive been using that site for a while now.
    need alternatives if they stop updating :(

  2. had a unique mix, but I would suggest the sites in the "Information Security" column on the right of the my blog - especially the new headlines on PacketStorm, Dark Reading and Threatpost.