Saturday, November 20, 2010

Application Security Guide for the Acrobat Family of 9.x Products

Most users have reasons to care about security, but in enterprise settings security concerns are heightened by the value of the hardware, software, and data that comprise a company’s network. Administrators need to configure and maintain clients across the organization, and workflow architects need to create secure end-to-end workflows. Caring for the integrity of expensive networked systems and critical data certainly consumes much in the way of IT resources.

This Application Security Guide describes configuration details for the Acrobat family of products, including enhanced security, scripting controls, attachments, and any other features. The primary goal here is to encourage enterprise stakeholders who configure and deploy clients to manage them in a secure way. While the content here is primarily aimed at administrators, other potential audiences include:
  • Workflow owners and IT folks who are responsible for the integrity of their networked environment.
  • Technically savvy end users that need to customize their application’s security capabilities.

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