Sunday, November 7, 2010

Introducing: SpyEye Tracker

The SpyEye Tracker is another project by It is similar to the ZeuS Tracker with the slight difference that SpyEye Tracker tracks and monitors malicious SpyEye Command&Control Servers (and not ZeuS C&Cs). SpyEye Tracker provides blocklists in different formats (eg. for Squid Web-Proxy or iptables) to avoid that infected clients can access the C&C servers. Additionally, SpyEye Tracker should help ISPs, CERTs and Law Enforcement to track malicious SpyEye C&C servers which are their responsibility.


Excellent move to keep the pressure of the criminal underground that utilizes these trojans.

As a funny side note, at least one the comments posted on the Zeus/Speye merger thread [on the underground forums] highlighted the fact that a SpyEye tracker didn't exist and thus was more "hidden" than ZeuS.

Gap filled.

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