Friday, December 24, 2010

Pakistan: Al-Qaeda and the Taliban Distribute USB Thumb Drives to Teach Bombmaking

Via Central Asia Online -

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are disseminating guidelines for making bombs and thwarting explosive detection equipment to supporters and potential recruits, sources have told Central Asia Online.

Instead of relying on email, websites or brochures, terrorists are now using Universal Serial Bus (USB) memory sticks to share information with youngsters at risk of joining the militancy, a student of Dawood Engineering College said, requesting anonymity.

“Recently, the Taliban activists have distributed several USBs of al-Qaeda in Karachi to train the youngsters to make explosive devices,” he said. In the USBs, one of which Central Asia Online received, al-Qaeda included the November 2010 edition of its magazine that promotes extremism; techniques for turning common electronic devices into bombs; and ways to smuggle such items past airport security.

Al-Qaeda has vowed to share its technical expertise with followers abroad so they could make bombs in their own countries.

“Al-Qaeda and the Taliban’s move to penetrate our young generation seemed a new strategy of the enemies of Pakistan, Islam and humanity,” Sindh Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Chief Choudhry Aslam told Central Asia Online. “We are not aware of this new move of the terrorists.”

Police will investigate the matter and take action against terrorists who are influencing young Pakistanis into defaming Pakistan as militants, he added.

The CID has been on the forefront of work to destroy the network of al-Qaeda and Taliban in Karachi in recent months, he said. The police will continue to act firmly against terrorists, he vowed.

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