Saturday, December 11, 2010

RealNetworks Vulnerability Remediation Improvements

RealNetworks will patch 27 issues tomorrow, December 10, 2010. Twenty of these are vulnerabilities reported by the ZDI.

At the time ZDI announced the Vendor Disclosure Policy Changes RealNetworks held 20 outstanding cases. In just four months they have patched these outstanding 20 plus seven additional bugs.

ZDI applauds RealNetworks for their dedication and significant improvement in vulnerability patching. Communication with RealNetworks has drastically improved and we are thrilled to see this change. RealNetworks and ZDI are taking responsible disclosure to another level, which benefits users and vendors alike.


Kudos to RealNetworks for the focus on getting the reported vulnerabilities fixed.

We can only hope that other vendors found their lead....

IBM - Five ZDI advisories (CVSS 10) older than 760 days in the upcoming list

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