Friday, January 14, 2011

The First Combined Zeus/SpyEye Toolkit

Via McAfee Blog -

In our recent 2011 Threats Predictions report, McAfee Labs predicted that the recent merger of Zeus with SpyEye would produce more sophisticated bots due to improvements in bypassing security mechanisms and law enforcement monitoring. Both Zeus and SpyEye were prevalent and dangerous malware separately, the combination of their functionality certainly takes this threat to a new level.

Here we are just in mid-January and it seems that the first version of this toolkit has arrived on the black market, which means we can expect to see the malware it produces shortly. This version, v1.4.1, seems to have been published on January 11th, 2011:


Functionality updates include:
1. Brute force password guessing
2. Jabber Notification
3. VNC module
4. Auto-spreading
5. Auto-update
6. Unique Stub Generator for FUD and evasion
7. New Screenshot System

300$ without VNC and FF Inject
$800 all inclusive.

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