Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Veracode: The Top 10 Mobile Application Risks

Via Veracode Blog -

The Top 10 Mobile Application Risks, or “Mobile App Top 10” for short, is designed to educate developers and security professionals about the mobile application behavior that puts users at risk. This behavior can be maliciously designed or inadvertent.

Modern mobile applications run on mobile devices that have the functionality of a desktop or laptop running a general purpose operating system. In this respect many of the risks are similar to those of traditional spyware, Trojan software, and insecurely designed apps. However, mobile devices are not just small computers. Mobile devices are designed around personal and communication functionality which makes the top mobile applications risks different from the top traditional computing risks.

The Mobile App Top 10 can be used to determine the coverage of a security solution which can protect against these risks. A mobile app security solution can declare its coverage of the Mobile App Top 10 so customers can understand what risks the solution mitigates. Mobile app security solutions can be used in the development of an app, as part of an app store vetting process, for acceptance testing of an app, or for security software running on a mobile device.

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