Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mexican Cartel Logos and Branding

Via Global Guerrillas Blog -


Here is my best guess....

C.D.G. = Gulf Cartel (the Z in the logos is for Los Zetas)
C.D.S. = Sinaloa Cartel
M.F.G. = Milenio/Familia/Gulf
La Familia Michoacana Cartel

I am going to guess that some of these are many years old, as the Los Zetas are now separate from the Gulf Cartel. The Zetas are working with BLO and the Juarez Cartel, while the Gulf Cartel has sorta teamed up with the Sinaloa (and the La Familia cartel) to fight them under the "New Federation" name.


Additional insight..
As recently as April 4, authorities found a cache of false police uniforms used by the "Knights Templar" (Caballeros Templarios), the new incarnation of the Familia Michoacana. The seized goods, which appear about 14 seconds into the video, included baseball hats branded with the Knights Templar logo: a crusader wearing typical medieval gear, a white robe marked with a red cross. The insignia is clearly meant to evoke the Familia's quasi-religious ideology, and their "crusade" to rid Michoacan of their hated rivals, the Zetas.

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