Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Targeted E-mail Attacks

Targeted E-mail Attacks
This blog provides examples of socially engineered and/or specifically targeted spear phishing emails, intended to spread trojans and malware. These examples are generally focused on the China/Taiwan analyst community in Washington, D.C.
It would appear that the blog grew out of another blog (ran by the same author) and one specific blog post focused on the GhostNet attack. The author appears to be based in Washington DC and work for the US-Taiwan Business Council.

I learned about this new blog via Mila @ Contagio.
We are not related but somehow share the same set of overseas "friends" - I recognize many messages posted there and even received targeted messages designed to look like they came from that organization. The author does not post samples but provides links to Virustotal so it gives a good idea of what it is.
Should be a great resource for those interested in APT / spear-phishing / social engineering techniques.

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