Monday, May 9, 2011

Google Chrome Pwned by VUPEN: Sandbox/ASLR/DEP Bypass

We are (un)happy to announce that we have officially Pwnd Google Chrome and its sandbox.

The exploit shown in this video is one of the most sophisticated codes we have seen and created so far as it bypasses all security features including ASLR/DEP/Sandbox, it is silent (no crash after executing the payload), it relies on undisclosed (0day) vulnerabilities discovered by VUPEN and it works on all Windows systems (32-bit and x64).

The video shows the exploit in action with Google Chrome v11.0.696.65 on Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (x64). The user is tricked into visiting a specially crafted web page hosting the exploit which will execute various payloads to ultimately download the Calculator from a remote location and launch it outside the sandbox at Medium integrity level. Note: The Calculator is used here as an example, it can be replaced by any other payload.

While Chrome has one of the most secure sandboxes and has always survived the Pwn2Own contest during the last three years, we have now uncovered a reliable way to execute arbitrary code on any installation of Chrome despite its sandbox, ASLR and DEP.

This code and the technical details of the underlying vulnerabilities will not be publicly disclosed. They are shared exclusively with our Government customers as part of our vulnerability research services.


Possible Mitigation

@scarybeasts Chris Evans (Information Security Engineer at Google Inc.)!/scarybeasts/status/67675938879582208
@fjserna @VUPEN Yeah, looks like a Flash bug. Defend as per normal (Plug-ins -> Block).

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