Friday, June 3, 2011

China's Blue Army: When Nations Harness Hacktivists for Information Warfare

Via ZDNet Zero Day Blog (Dancho Danchev) -

China has recently announced the existence of the Blue Army, a government sponsored cyber warfare unit similar to those launched by the U.S, the United Kingdom, Australia and Israel.

Although the majority of the cyber warfare units have been established for defensive purposes, it’s the offensive cyber capabilities that are worth discussing in the context of establishing a borderline for offensive cyber operations. The methodology used in offensive cyber warfare operations is fairly simple - if you’re attacking us we reserve ourselves the rights to strike back at you.


It’s been a decade since the release of the Chinese “Unconventional warfare” book, and a lot has changed from a conceptual perspective. From symmetric to asymmetric shift in the concepts, to the currently in progress of implementation unrestricted warfare military doctrines, the Chinese has proven that they they’re not just able to keep up with the developing environment, but to dominate it with new concepts in cyberspace.

What constitutes unrestricted warfare in the cyberspace realm, really? Basically, it’s the reliance on civilians for executing government sponsored or government tolerated cyber operations, the so called people’s information warfare concept. The concept is fairly simple. Instead of establishing a dedicated cyber warfare unit, a country such as China is actively harnessing the potential of its hacktivist community for executing military operations and activities across the Web.


The Chinese underground and hacktivist community is developed well enough to manage the tasks of a fully operational cyber warfare unit, because it relies on the people not on the department.

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