Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hack of South Korean Sites Affects Up to 35 Million Users

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According to a report from Reuters, hackers from China have attacked an internet portal and blogging site operated by South Korea's SK Communications, gaining access to the personal information of up to 35 million users. The news agency says that the cyber attack could be the largest the country has ever experienced.

In a statement, the Korea Communications Commission confirmed that the personal information targeted by the attackers included names, telephone numbers, email addresses and other data from the Nate portal and Cyworld blogging sites run by the SK Telecom subsidiary. An official at the commission told Reuters that the police have started an investigation, but have yet to ask for assistance from Chinese authorities.


Interestingly enough, Microsoft recently outlined the malware threat landscape in the Republic of Korea - characterizing it as one of the most active in the world. Korea has a malware threat landscape that is characterized by a mix of global threats as well as threats that are targeting users in Korea specifically.

To put this active landscape in a border context, you only need to look at the July 2011 McAfee analysis of the March 2011 South Korean DDoS attacks. McAfee analysis of the March 2011 attacks against South Korean government and U.S. military Websites notes the attacks likely came from North Korea - based on circumstantial evidence. However, the report [PDF] does echo other assessments of North Korea's improving cyber war capabilities.

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