Friday, July 1, 2011

iJAVA: JAVA Drive-by On Demand

Via Malware Intelligence -

JAVA is one of the largest computer technology integration in the field of cybercrime because of its status as a "hybrid". This transforms Java platform in a highly exploited vector for the spread of all types of malicious code.

Even the modern crimeware includes a battery of exploits created to exploit vulnerable versions of JAVA through Exploit Packs, and in fact, together with the PDF files, exploits for JAVA are those with higher success rate.

Now, Drive-by is one of the most widely used techniques to propagate and automate the process of infection via the web. Especially through websites that promise via streaming video display or visual social engineering strategies similar. Combining this methodology with JAVA simply results a Java Drive-by; that is technically the same but using JAVA language and resources.


iJAVA is a On Demand generator (Java Drive-by Generator) of Arab origin, since its first version had a very good acceptance in the area of ​​cybercrime because it allows in just a few clicks, create a simple web page, link to this site a customized malware and automatically upload the page, for example, to one of these services free storage. A dose of visual trivial social engineering but unfortunately extremely effective.

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