Thursday, August 25, 2011

China SignPost: A Smoking Cursor? New Window Opens on China’s Potential Cyberwarfare Development

Amid growing U.S. concerns of ongoing Chinese cyberattacks, attribution remains the most complex issue. At the open source level at least, it has been hard to find a “smoking cursor.” That is, until the broadcast of a recent cyberwarfare program on the military channel of China’s state television network. It appeared to show dated computer screenshots of a Chinese military institute conducting a rudimentary type of cyberattack against a United States-based dissident entity. However modest, ambiguous—and, from China’s perspective, defensive—this is possibly the first direct piece of visual evidence from an official Chinese government source to undermine Beijing’s official claims never to engage in overseas hacking of any kind for government purposes. Clearly, Washington and Beijing have much to discuss candidly here if they are to avoid dangerous strategic tension.


Great analysis of the recent Chinese military documentary program titled "Military Technology: Internet Storm is Coming", which included camera footage of Chinese government systems launching attacks against a U.S. target.

As it turned out, the documentary program was recently removed from the CCTV 7 website. As noted by F-Secure, the removal of the program by the authorities is only likely to increase the controversy.

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