Friday, September 30, 2011

Organized Cybercrime: Nefarious Sophistication Featuring Zeus V2.1.0.10

Via RSA FraudAction Research Labs -

The RSA Research Lab investigates and monitors a large number of malicious cybercrime servers operating in the wild. One of the Lab’s most significant findings was kept under wraps as the Research team investigated its server-side and the general background of the gang standing behind this clandestine control central.

What our researchers discovered was nothing less than the robust mercenary workings of a virtual heist machine, one that has been operational on an ongoing basis, militating and robbing financial data from hundreds of thousands of infected users all over the world. The tool of choice—Zeus v2.1.0.10, the most advanced variant of Zeus to date. The end result: endless logs of compromised financial data and untold numbers of wire-fraud transactions.


Lower in sophistication level (but still very dangerous) are the variants built from the leaked Zeus v2.0.9.8 code...
When the source code of the Zeus Trojan (v. leaked into the public in April this year, it was clear that this will have some serious implication for the security industry? This in-depth report looks at three of the most recent variants in detail...

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