Wednesday, January 25, 2012

N. Korea Suspected of Trying to Hack into Seoul University

Via Yonhap News Agency (Jan 17, 2012) -

North Korea is suspected of masterminding last year's attempt to hack into the e-mail accounts of a Seoul university's graduate school alumni, school officials said Tuesday.

The Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University said it has conducted a joint investigation with intelligence authorities to track the origins of the hacking attempt, upon learning that an e-mail carrying malicious codes was sent to some of its graduates via its internal e-mail accounts last November.

"The e-mail was found to have been sent from a server based in Taiwan often used by North Korea," a school official said, declining to be identified.

"But no damage has been reported, as our graduates who received the e-mail never opened the file attached, and the codes did not work well from the first place," he added.

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