Saturday, February 4, 2012

Operation Starlight: The Chinese PLA Assault on RSA and the Undermining of the Authentication Control Supply Chain

Via Diocyde's Veiled Shadows Blog -

This post will be one of several that will reveal the origins of the investigation, research, and analysis group effort behind what has been revealed as Operation Starlight.


The formation, vision, and strategy behind Starlight was a direct result of the compromise and Intellectual Property data theft of vital technical information from RSA that forms the underpinnings of Authentication Frameworks used in thousands of companies and Government organizations worldwide.


Over the past year, Government officials active and retired, congressmen, and security researchers have come out explicitly linking and declaring this to be the case. They should know. There is YEARS of evidentiary data linking this activity to exact groups and individuals behind these activities. The old tired adages of how ATTRIBUTION is too hard of a problem, and how its impossible to track the source of an attack are a RED HERRING in this industry. Do not believe it for a second. If your told that you are being lied to. The abilities of Nation States to conduct Multi-INT intelligence analysis on threats is unparalleled. This intelligence supports the missions of Counter-Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and provides data for Strategy and National Leadership Decision Making.

Future postings here will reveal many of the lessons learned through this experience.

It is my hope that it inspires the community of security experts, investigators, forensic professionals, incident responders, and malware analysts to recognize clearly that there is a dire need to come together as one to share their threat data, become educated on the specific technical threats and the groups behind them, and operate as a single unified entity in confronting the single most damaging threat to our future, described as “the greatest transfer of wealth through theft and piracy in the history of the world and we are on the losing end of it.”


Big shout out to @diocyde. Keep up the good work.

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