Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Facebook Removing Stalker Applications

Via BCC -

Facebook says it is "aggressively disabling" applications that claim to allow users to see who is viewing their profile.

It has also confirmed that the programmes do not work and won't allow access to private information.

Several variants of the so-called "stalker apps" have appeared on Facebook in recent days.

Unwitting users have helped spread the rogue software by attempting to install it.

Among the applications that have now disappeared from the site are "Stalker Check", and "Who has visited my profile".

They claim to show users who, among their friends, is regularly visiting their page.

In a statement, Facebook said: "Don't believe any applications that claim they can show you who's viewing your profile or photo. They can't."


Most of the stalker apps appear to have been created to make money for their designers, by forcing would-be users to view advertising.

However, there remains the potential for victims to be directed to sites containing viruses and other malicious software.

It has, once again, raised the question of Facebook introducing an application vetting process, along the lines of Apple's App Store system.


More information on these stalker scam application can be found @ Rik Ferguson's Countermeasures Blog.

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