Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Iran Arrests 30 Accused Of U.S.-Backed 'Cyberwar'

Via DarkReading.com -

Iranian security forces say they have arrested 30 people and disabled "the most important U.S.-backed organized networks of cyber war launched by anti-revolutionary groups."

A report issued by the FARS news agency in Iran states that the networks received U.S. aid "and served Washington through such anti-revolutionary groups as the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), monarchist groups, and a number of other opposition groups."

Some 29 Websites were "hacked" by Iranian security in order to find the accused, according to the reports. The Iranian government accused the sites and their operators of conducting a clandestine espionage effort under cover of human rights initiatives.

The network of sites was accused of collecting information about Iran's nuclear program and "provoking sedition" against the Iranian government.

The networks were also accused of distributing some 70 million copies of U.S.-made anti-filtering software in Iran.


I think it is important to remind you that FARS isn't exactly an interdependent news organization - content is basically produced by the Iran government.

More insight on this IRGC led attack can be found @ IntelFusion - including a [unconfirmed] list of the websites targeted.

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