Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Coolest Features of One World Trade Center

In the wake of the wreckage that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, there's been much talk of reconstruction — both emotional and physical. Now, solid, visual evidence of that reconstruction is beginning to rise like a phoenix from Ground Zero at New York City's southern tip. When completed, One World Trade Center (One WTC) will stand as North America's tallest building — a glass and steel symbol of resiliency, as well as scientific and architectural triumph.

One World Trade Center faced a few challenges along the way. Not only did the $3.1 billion-dollar structure need to be attractive, it had to be the most secure office building ever constructed. In addition, because One World Trade Center is part of the larger reconstruction effort taking place on the grounds of the former Twin Towers, the coordination with other onsite projects presented a logistics nightmare — especially since commuter trains run through the center of the construction at ground zero day and night.

The plans for Ground Zero are finalized, and from them a skyscraper is emerging that will dazzle the eyes and perhaps knock your socks off. Take a tour of One WTC with us and check out some of the coolest features from one of the most-watched construction projects in history.


The technology, the materials, the security and the beauty of the building is just utterly amazing.

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